Vettel Defends His Winning Streak at Abu Dhabi F1 Race

Vettel Defends His Winning Streak at Abu Dhabi F1 Race


Formula 1 racing is the highest level racing in the world. The races are governed by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) based out of France. F1 racecars are single seat and have open wheels. The car’s use 2.4 liter V8 engines that can exceed 200 miles per hour.

F1 racing is distinct from NASCAR because NASCAR events usually take place on an oval track. F1 racing has both right and left turns and has sometimes been set up in city streets. F1 racing is also different than other American racing leagues and races, including the Indianapolis 500. The F1 cars offer lighter design and include higher technology than other racecars.

There are various teams that sponsor drivers in F1 racing. Currently, the teams are Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, McLaren, Renault, BMW, Lotus and other car companies.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a Formula 1 race. The first race at this location was on November 1, 2009. This race was the first ever Formula 1 race to be completed in a day-night format, with flood lights lighting up the racetrack at night. The following races at this track have also been in the day-night style.

In the 2013 race, driver Sebastian Vettel won the championship, marking his seventh consecutive win. Webber came in second to Vettel, with a somewhat significant gap. By lap 54, viewers were quite sure that Webber would be safely in second with Vettel securely in first place.

The 2009 race was the first Abu Dhabi F1 race, in which Vettel took first place for Red Bull Racing. In 2010, Sebastian Vettel beat out Fernando Alonso for his second championship in a row. 2011 brought Lewis Hamilton as the winner, as Vettel suffered a puncture while turning the second corner. 2012 brough Vettel finishing in third place after the winner Kimi Raikkonen from Finland, a tough blow for Vettel as he was made to start from the pitlane after his disqualification from the qualifying. This past race in 2013 brought Vettel the drivers’ title once again, and everyone is looking forward to see what 2014 will bring.

F1 racing is a very high caliber sport, with the incorporation of diversified tracks with both right and left turns, as well as the day-night aspect. Abu Dhabi race truly offers something unique to the F1 racing circuit, and the sport has truly evolved and benefitted from the addition of this race.

The Highest Class F1 Paddock Club Abu Dhabi


The Highest Class F1 Paddock Club Abu Dhabi, Formula One racing is all about being the best of the best. It is the ultimate representation of skill, speed and engineering. Just as the F1 racers are the highest-class cars in the world, the Abu Dhabi F1 Paddock Club is the highest-class choice for the discerning guest to experience the event.

The Paddock Club in Abu Dhabi is situated in the upper level of the pit building, affording guests an unparalleled view of the race and the opportunity to experience the spectacle first hand.

The one of a kind venue offers VIP pass holders an unprecedented level of access to the event, including behind the scenes access to the circuit, air-conditioned lounges with spectacular panoramic views of the track and dedicated televisions so you won’t miss a moment of the action.

You will be catered for in a luxurious environment that includes an open bar serving MUMM champagne, a sumptuous gourmet luncheon prepared by Master Chefs, tea service including quality croissants, pastries and coffee and a VIP parking pass.

Amenities include complimentary ear protectors, an Official Programme for the event, driver interviews and appearances by A-list celebrities. The private suites provide entertainment and access to the roof terrace, where you are free to enjoy the company of other VIP guests in a fantastic, first-class environment.

Come to the F1 Paddock Club Abu Dhabi, where the experience is crafted all around you. All the drama and excitement of Formula One combined with the luxury of five star accommodations.

The F1 Paddock Club is the perfect way to treat yourself and your guests, or to impress clients and VIPs. Whether you are interested in business or pleasure, there is no experience like it in Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the world.

If you want to experience the best of the best, take a moment to consider the hospitality of the F1 Paddock Club in Abu Dhabi. The only way to get closer to the energy and action of the circuit is to be strapped into a Racer. Accept no substitutes, call for your VIP pass today.

Free government credit report and score

Free government credit report and score

free score report

The first thing most individuals do to check their credit is to obtain their free government credit report. This is ok, but it’s not the only thing they need to do. Mistakes in your credit report can have detrimental effect on your credit score as well. So you want to obtain your scores as well. Your free annual credit report will help you see the errors, but your score is not included for free. You will need to purchase them. But there are free ways to get them.

It’s wise to obtain your credit score. Banks and lenders will check your credit score to determine if you are creditworthy. They can use this information to to decide whether to extend you credit or approve your loan request, see whether you qualify for a mortgage loan, and determine your insurance premiums. Your credit score is generated by a formula that utilizes the data contained in your credit report. It is a three digit number that represents your credit rating, ranging between 350 and 900. The higher the number, the better. You will see differences in the credit score number between the 3 major credit agencies. This is because the agencies do not always receive the same credit information about you. For instance, one of your lenders or creditors might only report your credit history to one agency – either Equifax, Experian or TransUnion.

This could also mean that a potential lender might only utilize one of the credit agencies to obtain your credit report and score in order to determine whether you’re be approved for your loan request. Then again, a potential lender might choose to obtain your credit report and score from all three credit bureaus. This is why it’s usually a prudent idea to obtain a 3 in 1 credit report which has your credit history from all 3 major credit bureaus. It’s also very common that these services will include your free credit score with the 3 in 1 report.

So where can you get a free credit score? You can ofcouse find such offers at our homepage here. You usually need to order a credit score for a small fee from the credit bureaus. Lenders, employers and insurance agents each have their own preference as to which of the three credit bureaus they use for information, so it makes sense to obtain your credit scores from all 3 bureaus. But the free annual credit report does NOT include a credit score. However, there are ways to obtain a free credit score. Most of the credit monitoring services offer a free trial membership and they provide a free credit score. You just need to cancel the membership before the trial period, otherwise you’ll get charged. Source:

London Drivers Provide The Best Taxi Service

London Drivers Provide The Best Taxi Service

airport taxi


People who travel on business, usually using the aircraft in order to more quickly reach the destination. London business activity also has a very large and crowded. Some Airport such as Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, Luton Airport, Southend Airport  have many  taxi passengers that need a very good and fast airport taxi. A Company  which has a taxi service in london, especially in the area of ​​the airport is London Drivers which has a good website with the address

London drivers have experience in taxi services, especially the airport taxis serving  in london, although not only serve passengers at the airport, they also serve all passengers who want to use their services wherever they are. London drivers are the best choice for those who want to enjoy a taxi which was very nice and comfortable. they serve to passengers across london, you can order and call customer service to order a taxi from London drivers.

Life Mapping: A Vision of Success

Success is more than economic gains, titles, and degrees. Planning for success is about mapping out all the aspects of your life. Similar to a map, you need to define the following details: origin, destination, vehicle, backpack, landmarks, and route.

Origin: Who you are

A map has a starting point. Your origin is who you are right now. Most people when asked to introduce themselves would say, “Hi, I’m Jean and I am a 17-year old, senior highschool student.” It does not tell you about who Jean is; it only tells you her present preoccupation. To gain insights about yourself, you need to look closely at your beliefs, values, and principles aside from your economic, professional, cultural, and civil status. Moreover, you can also reflect on your experiences to give you insights on your good and not-so-good traits, skills, knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses. Upon introspection, Jean realized that she was highly motivated, generous, service-oriented, but impatient. Her inclination was in the biological-medical field. Furthermore, she believed that life must serve a purpose, and that wars were destructive to human dignity.

Destination: A vision of who you want to be

“Who do want to be?” this is your vision. Now it is important that you know yourself so that you would have a clearer idea of who you want to be; and the things you want to change whether they are attitudes, habits, or points of view. If you hardly know yourself, then your vision and targets for the future would also be unclear. Your destination should cover all the aspects of your being: the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Continuing Jean’s story, after she defined her beliefs, values, and principles in life, she decided that she wanted to have a life dedicated in serving her fellowmen.

Vehicle: Your Mission

A vehicle is the means by which you can reach your destination. It can be analogized to your mission or vocation in life. To a great extent, your mission would depend on what you know about yourself. Bases on Jean’s self-assessment, she decided that she was suited to become a doctor, and that she wanted to become one. Her chosen vocation was a medical doctor. Describing her vision-mission fully: it was to live a life dedicated to serving her fellowmen as a doctor in conflict-areas.

Travel Bag: Your knowledge, skills, and attitude

Food, drinks, medicines, and other travelling necessities are contained in a bag. Applying this concept to your life map, you also bring with you certain knowledge, skills, and attitudes. These determine your competence and help you in attaining your vision. Given such, there is a need for you to assess what knowledge, skills, and attitudes you have at present and what you need to gain along the way. This two-fold assessment will give you insights on your landmarks or measures of success. Jean realized that she needed to gain professional knowledge and skills on medicine so that she could become a doctor. She knew that she was a bit impatient with people so she realized that this was something she wanted to change.

Landmarks and Route: S.M.A.R.T. objectives

Landmarks confirm if you are on the right track while the route determines the travel time. Thus, in planning out your life, you also need to have landmarks and a route. These landmarks are your measures of success. These measures must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound. Thus you cannot set two major landmarks such as earning a master’s degree and a doctorate degree within a period of three years, since the minimum number of years to complete a master’s degree is two years. Going back to Jean as an example, she identified the following landmarks in her life map: completing a bachelor’s degree in biology by the age of 21; completing medicine by the age of 27; earning her specialization in infectious diseases by the age of 30; getting deployed in local public hospitals of their town by the age of 32; and serving as doctor in war-torn areas by the age of 35.

Anticipate Turns, Detours, and Potholes

The purpose of your life map is to minimize hasty and spur-of-the-moment decisions that can make you lose your way. But oftentimes our plans are modified along the way due to some inconveniences, delays, and other situations beyond our control. Like in any path, there are turns, detours, and potholes thus; we must anticipate them and adjust accordingly.