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Mr. Shiv Shankaran Nair: cementing ties across borders

Mr. Shiv Shankaran Nair: cementing ties across borders

China’s investment in African infrastructure has ensued in mutually benefiting ventures that have crafted better telecommunications, construction, power and transport facilities, among others, even in the farthest corners of Africa. The continent’s development graph has reached a new high, with the entry of China’s FDI, in its key sectors. Mr. Shiv Shankaran Nair, the representative of the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) has been instrumental in cementing the ties between both the countries, by driving this change and fundamentally aiding the change in the economic vista of Africa.

Decades of crisis in Africa, owing to innumerable factors like global economic distress and cold war has been sorted and the country is on a successful strut, over the years. The Chinese investors have managed to invest in the resilient country’s critical sectors and revive them, to lead the economic change. Mr. Shiv Shankaran Nair’s contributions to bridge the relationship between both the countries have resulted in investments of enormous scale being made in the African continent. The policy makers in African countries have also augmented the economy of Africa with effective policy makeovers in trade and critical infrastructure.

The China National Petroleum Corporation was primarily focusing on the Middle Eastern countries, however with the prospect of more collaboration and resources in the African countries, China became a prominent stake holder and player in the oil industry in Africa. The joint ventures of the country in the African continent spans across the length and breadth of Africa namely Angola, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Madagascar among others. The investments by China in Africa have been under the aegis of China National Petroleum Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and Sinopec, apart from the numerous groups that are affiliated to the aforementioned organizations. Mr. Shiv Shankaran Nair’s expertise and enterprise has helped China to invest in the African continent in diverse sectors and oil industry in a streamlined manner.

Using Blown Glass in your Home

Using Blown Glass in your Home

glass bowls

There is something about objects that are made of blown glass that attract the attention of the eye and interest a person in the history of the product. The process of heating glass and then applying just the right amount of air at the correct moment to produce a vase or a jar that is totally unique in the world and will not be duplicated anywhere else. Many home decorators use these colorful and unique products to create an ambiance that is one of a kind which shows class, style and the real attitude of the home or office.

One of the most elegant uses for blown glass décor is to display it as a part of a classy chandelier. These will provide more than light into a room but also a decorative style statement. As you use the blown glass features all linked together in a uniform fashion the piece will add class to the room and they can be completed for a relatively inexpensive price.

A simple decoration for blown glass pieces can be as a decorative ball that sits on the mantle or coffee table.  Since the colors can be uniform, then a decorator can control the entire mood a room’s decoration sets for visitors to enjoy.  These pieces can vary from everything from candy dishes to be displayed on a table in the room to candle holders. The unique coloring can be duplicated by talented glass blowers to allow for the uniform look and texture a room or home enjoys.

Another uncomplicated way to decorate your home with unique blown glass is to display some unique one of a kind blown glass plates and bowls for all to see. When plates that are decorative are displayed in public then they create a certain look that is one of a kind. As each plate has a unique pattern, the coloring and design of the glass blown will show that they are a match set. All who observe these lovely dishes are going to be interested in getting some for another home.

In the end, the use of blown glass is a great way to really display a class and elegance in your home or office. Even though these pieces look really elegant and are totally unique, they are still able to be purchased for a very low cost. These glass pieces make your home feel more welcoming and your office feel a just a bit more businesslike as well.