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San Juan is the capital and the largest city in Puerto Rico. The country is located in the continent of North America. The city was created in 1521 by the then Spanish colonial masters and it is under the jurisdiction of the USA. It happens to be the 2nd oldest settlements founded by the Europeans and it is also the oldest under the United States’ Jurisdiction. A lot of history is told in this great city of San Juan and it is well represented with the artifacts present in its museums.

The Luis Munoz Marin is the international Airport in the city of San Juan.It serves as the gateway into the Caribbean from the outside world. Located in Carolina, it still stands as the only privatized airport in the nation and the second privatized airport in the United States. The airport is served by different airline such as Trans Caribbean, Pan Am and Eastern Air Lines, just to mention a few. It became the only international airport in the city of San Juan in the year 1955 after the then state governor, Luis Munoz Marin, decided to build the airport since the previous airport (Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport) had a short runway and does not support the flying of jets. It was then named after him by his successor, Rafael Hernández Colón, in the year 1985 after it was successfully completed in 1972. The airport has just one main terminal building with four different departure halls and another terminal with another hall (Terminal B). The terminals (B and C) are expected to undergo renovation in order to have high quality stores, great restaurants that serves local and international cuisine andtechnologically advanced baggage scanners. The terminal A is the base of the JetBlue Airline and was renovated in 2008 to give it such an amazing look.

Cheap flights to san juan, The Luis Munoz Marin Airport has lots of facilities you can find in other world class airports. Ranging from transportation to great food, internet facilities to world class meeting rooms, the airport as seen is well managed and taken care of by the private owners.

When to go

According to different tourism analyst, Mid-April to June is said to be the best time to visit the city. During this period, the hotel rooms are just few dollars more expensive than the winter period. This period (Mid-Aprils to June) has the best weather in the city. The city is usually less crowded at this time as well.

Enjoy the SoFo Culinary Week, an annual programme which takes place in the month of June. During the period the programme runs, it is mostly very sunny and breezy with temperature ranging from 75- 88 degrees F. San Juan is a wonderful city of history that offers a wide variety of fun thing to do and amazing sights to see. San Juan is filled with loads of recreational spots and a trip to this amazing city will be a great travel experience for you.

iAPPSDS Review


iAPPSDS Review

iAPPS DS, formerly known as ElementsLocal is basically software that is used to manage franchise networks on the internet and it helps the users in marketing and promotions through SMS marketing and email marketing, which are becoming quite effective these days. Moreover, it also helps with social media marketing. It was only a year ago when ElementsLocal (iAPPS) Review was acquitted by Bridgeline Digital and was renamed to iAPPS DS.

iAAPS DS is basically a platform on the cloud which has several components attached to it that make it unique and special. These components are as follows:

  1. Content Manager
  2. Analyzer
  3. Marketer
  4. Social
  5. Commerce

The five components listed above come together to make iAPPS suite. All of these components have a special task to complete and they directly communicate with the platform on the cloud while offering solutions for online management. This platform on the cloud actually works on a .NET framework which means that it makes use of an API layer for interaction and communication purposes. The added commerce functionality on iAPPS is a bonus since it comes with all the basic e-commerce functions that are expected by the basic and local sellers or buyers. I also has several interesting features in this category including wish lists, dashboard for sales and even management options for inventory which make sure that the management of commerce is done efficiently.

The component for marketing is also quite interesting since it comes with several features that make use of emails for marketing campaigns. These features can be really helpful if a powerful local campaign has to be managed. The social aspect of this software successfully and very conveniently integrates all the social profiles in one place which allows the user to post universally from a single platform. Analyzer is also a great tool integrated in iAPPS since it has some powerful insights regarding the traffic flow and this can be crucial to improve the efficiency of the page while setting certain goals of success to remain goal oriented.

How it compares with SeoSamba?

It is true that iAPPS is equipped with those crucial tools that prove essential to those people who prefer to manage things from a central location and want to gain success in franchise marketing. But, it still has some drawbacks, and the main drawback is that it is a Microsoft based software and is very closed in nature. The user interface of iAPPS is also a bit of a concern and is not friendly at all. On the other hand, SeoSamba has a better user interface and promises to do a lot more than iAPPS in a more cost effective manner, which makes it favorable in this comparison.